Crusader: No Remorse

Crusader's mind-blowing graphics include some spectacular explosions.

When Origin released the fantasy role- playing game, Ultima VIII: Pagan, a lot of garners complained that it was too much like an action game. Origin took those gripes to heart - and responded by creating a terrific shoot-'em-up based on the Pagan engine. The result was Crusader, and with its beautifully detailed SVGA graphics and incredible animation, it bears only a passing resemblance to its predecessor. Don't bother wearing socks when you play Crusader; the sights and sounds in this game will knock ‘em right off.

Battles in Time

QQP's Battles in Time is just the thing to introduce novice garners to war gaming; its got an interesting plot, and hey, you get to fight with dinosaurs.

If you haven't warmed up to computer war games because you're afraid they're nothing more than dull, textbook representations of statistics and technical data, this inventive take on war gaming from QQP will certainly change your mind.

Battles in Time uses a clever "plot" to set the stage for a unique combination of strategy and fun - with a healthy sprinkling of war game realism. It's the future, and the people of Earth have evolved beyond their warlike ways. Mankind has become so passive, in fact, that the "instinctive" ability to make war has been lost. That all sounds nice in theory, but it leaves Earth defenseless when suddenly threatened by an alien attack.

To get back some of that fighting spirit, the decision is made to travel back in time to five time periods known for their warlike ways - Prehistory, the Roman Empire, Napoleonic Era, The American Civil War, and World War Two - in order to study and relearn the skills necessary to defeat the aliens.

The flexibility of Battles in Time allows you to try a variety of scenarios, commanding armies made up of everything from battling dinosaurs to Roman foot-soldiers.

Caesar II

A city simulation? Hmmm, haven't I seen something like this before? Yes and no. Yes, you've seen amazingly-detailed 3D renderings before. And, yes, you've played sims that put you in the municipal driver's seat.

But, no, you've never played anything quite like Caesar II. For starters, if you do a good job quelling riots, dowsing fires, recruiting soldiers and building great cities, you earn approval ratings that grant you the right to take on another province.

Then it really heats up. Along with wearing your city planner hat, you get to don the general's helmet and tight off hordes of barbarians in battle sequences (check out the Carthaginians on armored elephants). With each additional province you control, the closer you get to the best hat o$ all: the emperor's snappy laurel wreath.

By combining great graphics, intricate srategizing and battle action, Caesar II isn't merely simulation. It' stimulation for those who hanker for action and power.


The historical accuracy and detail in Caesar II's cityscapes are astonishing, while battle sequences-a twist for sim games-add another layer of challenge and fun.

Ultimate Minecraft Tips for Beginners

Whether you are just loading the game for the first time or whether you have been playing for many years, Minecraft offers limitless fun depending on what you choose to do. Regardless of what point you have reached, tips will always be useful so read on to learn some key tips that will make your first few days in the game easier.

If you are looking for Minecraft free, Minecraft For Free X provides the full version of the game (version 1.5.2) and allow multiplayer. Otherwise, head to the official site, create an account, and download the demo if you want a limited trial of the latest versino (1.11 as of now). Anyway, here are some tips to help you during the countless hours you'll spend messing around in this wonderful sandbox game.

Some General Tips

Save vs Spend - At first, you will be faced with limited resources so you need to decide whether you are going to use your coal for torches, for example, or save them for some other use. In particular, iron and particularly diamond will be extremely rare so you need to set priorities and then stick to these. If you are saving all of your iron to craft iron tools, don’t be tempted to build some armor instead. At the very beginning, patience is important because you will find more resources eventually.

Set a Plan - When all you have is some sticks and wood and the night is falling, it can be a little daunting and this is why a plan for the first few nights is essential. As all resources will be valuable to you at the beginning, you don’t want to be left stranded outside in the middle of the night having to fend off all sorts of monsters. Instead, have a plan for each day, such as building your first home, and try to see it through

Stay Near Spawn - When the game first loads, you will spawn in a particular area and it can be useful to stay near here before you have the chance to craft a bed. When you sleep in a bed, this will change your spawn point but it requires wool which, in turn, requires iron for some shears. Once you have the opportunity to make a bed, map, compass, and get settled, you are less likely to lose your home in the future.

Build a Tree Farm - Once you have your house constructed, it can be useful to become self-sufficient with all of your wooded needs. Therefore, you could fence off an area where you plant sapling. Instead of traveling further and further from your home just to find wood, you will have this constant source just outside your door.

Build a Real Farm - In the same way, you should also set up an area for pigs, cows, and chickens where you can breed them and have a constant supply of food. In the game, food is important so building up a good stock will help in the long run

Have Fun - Once you survive the first few nights, the game gets easier and you can explore a little more. As long as you have the tools, you can dig through caves, sail the seas, explore the land, and see what is around whilst also searching for those coveted diamonds. Ultimately, Minecraft has been made to have fun so don’t get down if you fail; simply load the game back up and try again.

Even More Tips

Here's a quick video that showcases some of the best tips, tricks, and secrets you'll find in Minecraft. Enjoy!

3D Table Sports Overview

You play on the closer side of the hockey table. Watch that blue paddle because it likes to come onto your side.

If you’ve always wanted your own regulation-sized air hockey table, we’ve got a treat for you. SlamHockey, one of the three games included in 3D Table Sports, will take you back to the time when smashing that floating puck into your opponent’s goal slot was one of the greatest feelings on earth.

You can work your way up to higher levels of difficulty as you strive to beat the computer opponent. Be careful — the computer likes to move into your turf to try to hit the puck into your goal at close range. But you can use that to your advantage. If, however, you want to play the traditional way, you can click on “Options” before you begin a game, and select a “Classic” style game, where the computer stays on his side of the court, limiting the computer’s reach. Control your paddle with the mouse.

Clicking the left mouse button when it’s your turn to serve will put the puck directly in front of you. You can play up to three points in this demo, but we’re sure that as you move upwards against the computer, you’ll find that it will get harder and harder to score those three points before the Al manages to.

The two other games in the demo, Power Hoops and Foosball, are non- playable demos. If you click on them, then click “demo”, you’ll see the computer play a sample game from the full version.

These games are the hottest computer reproductions of table sports we’ve seen. Little can compare to the real thing, but these come pretty darn close.

You’ll notice when you play SlamHockey in Battle Mode (Full Court) that the computer opponent likes to move his paddle onto your side immediately when you serve, if you time it right, you can slam the puck off the side and into his goal while he’s still on his way over.

Dagger's Rage

If you’re into titles like Raptor or Tyrian but would like to see some more depth, you’ve come to the right place. Enter Dagger’s Rage, a game that not only lets you experience the thrill of air-to-air combat, but does so in a large arena that demands as much thought as fast reflexes.

You play Dagger, a pilot for the Mercy Corps — an organization sworn to protect law abiding citizens from pirates that attack at first sight. You can buy weapons, new ships, and earn credits by flying specific missions for the Corps.

This demo shows you a glimpse of the Dagger’s Rage world, allowing you to buy weapons with the money you start with, and explore other cities. When you take off from the city, you have the chance to guide your ship to another city with the arrow keys. If you encounter enemy ships, the view will transfer to a close up view of the area of the battle. You can configure the controls to either keyboard or joystick from the options menu. You start the game with level one lasers and level one missiles, and can select your weapons by pressing 1-5.

While in a dogfight, use Fl to toggle between keyboard and joystick. On the keyboard, the arrow keys will steer your ship, the spacebar will fire, and the Tab key will trigger your turbo boosters. On the joystick, the X- and V-axis will steer and button 2 will fire your turbos, while button 1 will fire your weapons. The turbo boost will help get you out of quite a few messes, but be careful that you don’t fly into the red zone surrounding the battle area, or you’ll be branded a coward.

While you’re flying around the planet, you can enter another city when you are over it by hitting the spacebar. This will give you the choice of landing in the city, or going into orbit, where you can fly to other systems. Be careful — since you can’t save your game or fly missions to earn money in this demo, any enemy outside of the system will be too much for you to handle with your limited weapons and armor.

It will take some split-second timing and a lot of fancy flying to battle your way through a few levels of this hot demo. Keep your wits about you, and you’ll be the best pilot around.

When you first exit the city, you’re likely to encounter some stiff opposition from pirates. But here’s a tip to get you started:

When you start a new game, go to the shipyards and select Buy Weapons. Sell the weapons in your first and second weapons bank. Then you can buy some level 3 missiles and ammunition. Now, when you battle the pirates, you’ll have a fighting chance.

If you’re not quick enough, or don’t have weapons strong enough, you can end up toasted by some anti-social space buccaneers.