3D Table Sports Overview

You play on the closer side of the hockey table. Watch that blue paddle because it likes to come onto your side.

If you’ve always wanted your own regulation-sized air hockey table, we’ve got a treat for you. SlamHockey, one of the three games included in 3D Table Sports, will take you back to the time when smashing that floating puck into your opponent’s goal slot was one of the greatest feelings on earth.

You can work your way up to higher levels of difficulty as you strive to beat the computer opponent. Be careful — the computer likes to move into your turf to try to hit the puck into your goal at close range. But you can use that to your advantage. If, however, you want to play the traditional way, you can click on “Options” before you begin a game, and select a “Classic” style game, where the computer stays on his side of the court, limiting the computer’s reach. Control your paddle with the mouse.

Clicking the left mouse button when it’s your turn to serve will put the puck directly in front of you. You can play up to three points in this demo, but we’re sure that as you move upwards against the computer, you’ll find that it will get harder and harder to score those three points before the Al manages to.

The two other games in the demo, Power Hoops and Foosball, are non- playable demos. If you click on them, then click “demo”, you’ll see the computer play a sample game from the full version.

These games are the hottest computer reproductions of table sports we’ve seen. Little can compare to the real thing, but these come pretty darn close.

You’ll notice when you play SlamHockey in Battle Mode (Full Court) that the computer opponent likes to move his paddle onto your side immediately when you serve, if you time it right, you can slam the puck off the side and into his goal while he’s still on his way over.