Caesar II

A city simulation? Hmmm, haven't I seen something like this before? Yes and no. Yes, you've seen amazingly-detailed 3D renderings before. And, yes, you've played sims that put you in the municipal driver's seat.

But, no, you've never played anything quite like Caesar II. For starters, if you do a good job quelling riots, dowsing fires, recruiting soldiers and building great cities, you earn approval ratings that grant you the right to take on another province.

Then it really heats up. Along with wearing your city planner hat, you get to don the general's helmet and tight off hordes of barbarians in battle sequences (check out the Carthaginians on armored elephants). With each additional province you control, the closer you get to the best hat o$ all: the emperor's snappy laurel wreath.

By combining great graphics, intricate srategizing and battle action, Caesar II isn't merely simulation. It' stimulation for those who hanker for action and power.


The historical accuracy and detail in Caesar II's cityscapes are astonishing, while battle sequences-a twist for sim games-add another layer of challenge and fun.