Kid's Page

*Kids Tent:

Bring your kids out to participate in all the fun activities that The Rad Run will provide for you and your family:

  • Crafts by Home Depot.
  • Magician Dan Freed:
  • Face Painting:  Prices charged by individual face painters are as follows: $3 per cheek, $6 for half face, $9 for mask and $12 for face.
  • Kipsters Gymnastics:
  • 11 Mascots:  The Duck, Benny the Beaver, Sluggo (Eugene Emeralds), Raddie the Rad Rabbit (Rad Run), Marti the Cow (Dari Mart),  Matty the Mattress (Mattress Mania), Red Robin Bird, Brownie the Bear (Roaring Rapids), Buddy the Blood Drop (Lane Blood Center), Louie the Pig (Pacific Cascade Federal Credit Union) and Homer D. Poe (Home Depot)!