Radical Inspiration

The following is a true story of change. The Rad Run is proud to have been a part of that change:

Looking to make a difference in one’s life….   Take a different step.

I have been an overweight, food addicted, smoking mother of two.  I turned 30 and started to really reflect on what I have completed in my life, what my accomplishments are and where I have allowed myself to get to health wise.  I found myself dumbfounded with how selfish I have felt about my decisions leading up to where I stood today.  All the cigarettes are doing is Killing me, very slowly…   however with my family history of Cancer and the number of unexpected death’s I have seen in my years, realization hit me it might not be as slow as I thought.  .

The smoking got put aside.  NOT easy to do.  A 16 year habit to learn how to stop.  I crave it.  The habit of smoking, the habit even of walking in to specific places and buying them.   All a mental battle.  But successful thus far…  Going on 4 months and still learning how to achieve the long term of living life with out this habit.  Upon quitting smoking I thought I should do something big!  Something I have never done, nor had ever thought I could do.  What about a marathon of some sort.  Eh, but I hate running.  What about these mud runs I have seen many of my friends do?  How hard could it be?  So I sent some messages, made some calls and asked some questions.  Dirty Dash, Tougher Mudder, The Rad Run…    What do I do…   Oh, The Rad Run helps local charities!!  It is a locally run event at a beautiful location and it sounds like a ton of fun.

Came to the conclusion…   I can do this.

So I joined a team.

I “trained”  I began walking/working out at  home more.  My lungs were getting more clear and I thought, I will be in much better shape by the time of The Rad Run.  It will be a breeze…

I arrived that morning, met up with my team , and boom…  it’s show time!  The group one by one flew through through the starting gate…   and I never could have prepared myself for what was to meet me over the next 3.2 miles.

MUD…   there was so much mud.   How do I army crawl through this mud? Will this mud ever end?  My gosh, how much farther does this go??????   I finally got to the end of THIS mud.  I met tunnels, hay bales, mud, logs, balance beams, more mud, hills, tires, gallon jugs, MORE MUD, Climbing walls, monkey bars, mattresses, even a giant mud pit of DOOM and the much anticipated Water slide.

I also met strength, teamwork, fear, achievement, pain, exhaustion, fun, exhilaration, freedom, and a new life.  

I had moments of pure fear, I was so petrified I was going to fall from the monkey bars and terrified I would be stuck in the mud pit forever. But I was doing it.  I jammed over the A-frame walls like a Boss, I did that!!!  The hills tried to concur me, they brought me to exhaustion and the brink of pain, but the teamwork that can be found at literally carried me up the hill.  I made it to the end, I felt the wind whip through my hair as I Flew down the most amazing water slide i have ever been on.  It was freedom.  It was everything I want to reach for.  It was more of where I want to be in my life.

The final run to the finish line…  Monkey’s Jumping on beds…   Final run…   Over the finish line.  It took me a bit to realize what had just happened.  What I just did.  I have had 2 children, Natural deliveries, No drugs…  and this was harder, this was more trying, this was proof to myself that I CAN accomplish what I put my mind to and I am much stronger than I think I am.

I broke down.  I balled like a baby.  I did it.

Making the choice to do something better with my time, my body and my life has been an amazing choice.  It has been something that now gives me a different outlook.  I will do The Rad Run next year.  May 17, 2014 will be my testing ground.   I have a gym membership and a goal.   I want to live a fit life, I want to be healthy and I want to be proud of me and more than anything I want to feel a happiness and fulfillment deep within me!  When I completed my first 5k it helped me see who I am meant to be.

See you next year?  Let’s see my transformation!