Ultimate Minecraft Tips for Beginners

Whether you are just loading the game for the first time or whether you have been playing for many years, Minecraft offers limitless fun depending on what you choose to do. Regardless of what point you have reached, tips will always be useful so read on to learn some key tips that will make your first few days in the game easier.

If you are looking for Minecraft free, Minecraft For Free X provides the full version of the game (version 1.5.2) and allow multiplayer. Otherwise, head to the official site, create an account, and download the demo if you want a limited trial of the latest versino (1.11 as of now). Anyway, here are some tips to help you during the countless hours you'll spend messing around in this wonderful sandbox game.

Some General Tips

Save vs Spend - At first, you will be faced with limited resources so you need to decide whether you are going to use your coal for torches, for example, or save them for some other use. In particular, iron and particularly diamond will be extremely rare so you need to set priorities and then stick to these. If you are saving all of your iron to craft iron tools, don’t be tempted to build some armor instead. At the very beginning, patience is important because you will find more resources eventually.

Set a Plan - When all you have is some sticks and wood and the night is falling, it can be a little daunting and this is why a plan for the first few nights is essential. As all resources will be valuable to you at the beginning, you don’t want to be left stranded outside in the middle of the night having to fend off all sorts of monsters. Instead, have a plan for each day, such as building your first home, and try to see it through

Stay Near Spawn - When the game first loads, you will spawn in a particular area and it can be useful to stay near here before you have the chance to craft a bed. When you sleep in a bed, this will change your spawn point but it requires wool which, in turn, requires iron for some shears. Once you have the opportunity to make a bed, map, compass, and get settled, you are less likely to lose your home in the future.

Build a Tree Farm - Once you have your house constructed, it can be useful to become self-sufficient with all of your wooded needs. Therefore, you could fence off an area where you plant sapling. Instead of traveling further and further from your home just to find wood, you will have this constant source just outside your door.

Build a Real Farm - In the same way, you should also set up an area for pigs, cows, and chickens where you can breed them and have a constant supply of food. In the game, food is important so building up a good stock will help in the long run

Have Fun - Once you survive the first few nights, the game gets easier and you can explore a little more. As long as you have the tools, you can dig through caves, sail the seas, explore the land, and see what is around whilst also searching for those coveted diamonds. Ultimately, Minecraft has been made to have fun so don’t get down if you fail; simply load the game back up and try again.

Even More Tips

Here's a quick video that showcases some of the best tips, tricks, and secrets you'll find in Minecraft. Enjoy!