Crusader: No Remorse

Crusader's mind-blowing graphics include some spectacular explosions.

When Origin released the fantasy role- playing game, Ultima VIII: Pagan, a lot of garners complained that it was too much like an action game. Origin took those gripes to heart - and responded by creating a terrific shoot-'em-up based on the Pagan engine. The result was Crusader, and with its beautifully detailed SVGA graphics and incredible animation, it bears only a passing resemblance to its predecessor. Don't bother wearing socks when you play Crusader; the sights and sounds in this game will knock ‘em right off.

Battles in Time

QQP's Battles in Time is just the thing to introduce novice garners to war gaming; its got an interesting plot, and hey, you get to fight with dinosaurs.

If you haven't warmed up to computer war games because you're afraid they're nothing more than dull, textbook representations of statistics and technical data, this inventive take on war gaming from QQP will certainly change your mind.

Battles in Time uses a clever "plot" to set the stage for a unique combination of strategy and fun - with a healthy sprinkling of war game realism. It's the future, and the people of Earth have evolved beyond


Caesar II

A city simulation? Hmmm, haven't I seen something like this before? Yes and no. Yes, you've seen amazingly-detailed 3D renderings before. And, yes, you've played sims that put you in the municipal driver's seat.

But, no, you've never played anything quite like Caesar II. For starters, if you do a good job quelling riots, dowsing fires, recruiting soldiers and building great cities, you earn approval ratings that grant you the right to take on another province.

Then it really heats up. Along with wearing your city planner hat, you get to don the general's helmet and tight off hordes of barbarians


Ultimate Minecraft Tips for Beginners

Whether you are just loading the game for the first time or whether you have been playing for many years, Minecraft offers limitless fun depending on what you choose to do. Regardless of what point you have reached, tips will always be useful so read on to learn some key tips that will make your first few days in the game easier.

If you are looking for Minecraft free, Minecraft For Free X provides the full version of the game (version 1.5.2) and allow multiplayer. Otherwise, head to the official site, create an account, and download the demo if you want a limited trial of the latest versino


3D Table Sports Overview

You play on the closer side of the hockey table. Watch that blue paddle because it likes to come onto your side.

If you’ve always wanted your own regulation-sized air hockey table, we’ve got a treat for you. SlamHockey, one of the three games included in 3D Table Sports, will take you back to the time when smashing that floating puck into your opponent’s goal slot was one of the greatest feelings on earth.

You can work your way up to higher levels of difficulty as you strive to beat the computer opponent. Be careful — the computer likes to move into your turf to try to hit the puck into


Dagger's Rage

If you’re into titles like Raptor or Tyrian but would like to see some more depth, you’ve come to the right place. Enter Dagger’s Rage, a game that not only lets you experience the thrill of air-to-air combat, but does so in a large arena that demands as much thought as fast reflexes.

You play Dagger, a pilot for the Mercy Corps — an organization sworn to protect law abiding citizens from pirates that attack at first sight. You can buy weapons, new ships, and earn credits by flying specific missions for the Corps.

This demo shows you a glimpse of the Dagger’s Rage world, allowing you to buy